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Monday, July 28, 2014,6:17 PM
Sweet Milk

  • I’m on my  LL don't call it a comeback ,  the coffee is brewing and while i have a minute i want to share a tale with you my 5 ... 2  fans. I'm sitting at home this weekend watching this year’s new breakout drama braking Amish when it had me think back when i first moved down south. I don’t know if was the country setting or the vast amount of cows that i kept seeing in the show but a question came to my mind. What in the French toast is sweet milk? Initially i had to discover this bit of information on my own and i like to take a minute just sit right back and I’ll tell you how i came to know about the sweet milk. Picture it a humid summer day in the dirty magnolia my grandfather says to me   baby go to the store for your granddaddy and get me some sweet milk for my cornbread. A simple request you could hear the Walton music swelling behind us the moment was so pure.  To the store I trek in search of sweet milk, now it never occurred to me that at the time i had no clue what sweet milk or even why you would eat this with cornbread. See coffees1stluv was brewed in California and moved to the dirty magnolia later on, but i digress. I arrive at the store  mission  operation sweet milk  of course my  first instinct is to  go to the sweetened condensed milk , hence the sweet milk , but then I thought  this  may not be right  for 1. Its stupid think and 2. That’s not a good mix with cornbread. Oh well onward and up , i trudge to the back of the store to see  cue in the heavenly  milk angels  all the milk , Im mean   whole milk, 2%,1%, soy , chocolate and even the classic strawberry but alas no sweet milk .So  of course im in the wrong place i  go back to my previous stop the condensed milk , mind you i do this back and forth  process about  6 times , making the workers nervous as i  now look as  if  im plotting case the joint. Finally a kind young man let’s call him Johnny sweet milk stops me and sensing my distress asks a question I’ll never forget ... Mam caaaan I help you, maybe it was the perplexed look on my face that had him worried he could sense the coffee was about to boil over, I turn to him and ask the question that has perplexed me for the last 15 minutes, where is your sweet milk.. He in turn with  a look of  confusion , you know that this is  too obvious  i can’t believe you don’t know sticks out his  milky sweet milk finger and points, there it is again that dam  heavenly music as he  points to ... The dam  whole milk ! Music stops the choir sits down and a cow jumps over the moon. I look staring and take my gallon of whole milk home, where my grandfather proceeds to laugh at my tale of woe. In my mind i placed him in a home for the  sweet milk criminals, to this day  anytime i see him with some whole milk and cornbread i   have to keep myself from knocking it to the ground and screaming  like  mommy dearest NO MORE SWEEEEET MILLLLLLK .......... 

posted by Jamino Brown
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