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Tuesday, May 28, 2013,10:13 AM
i have a fat kid in soul
picture it  a  late  Saturday afternoon your laying back with your copy of 50 shades laying next to you ( on the good part)  a  giant  %100  all beef patty with all the  good stuff , bacon ,mushroom  ,pickle, lettuce , tomato  + your  fries  ... nice .. what to wash it down with  but of course  .... a diet coke !  well if this has ever been you in real life i need you to get a  grip , cancel your membership at the gym , drink regular coke ( soul when the  krispy kreme hot light comes on. well that's  it just  tastes better)  and run to the  nearest krispy kreme when the  hot light pops  , why  you ask.. ill tell you why , simply put theres  a fat person in your soul.  I have come to realize that  this is me  coffees1stluv has a fat kid in my soul , shes a jolly little thing i must  say .. she  loves to  eat eat eat apples an bananas, and cakes, cookies , pies,  burgers ,hot-dogs , hell she loves to eat. I tell you these things to only help you along the  cheez wiz road of life , as i have been here in chic-fil-a  a country of stunning natural beauty the one thing I CAN SAY WITHOUT A DOUBT i would bring home if i could, THE BACON !!!!!!!!  yes that  fat little girl in my soul is a baconater  an the bacon here is  dipped in heaven and sprinkled with  unicorn fairy dust (its that good) I have been in a 5 star  hotel with access to a   state of the art  gym  , you know how many times i have used it , dont worry ill wait ....... thats right folks a  wopping zero and like every new years resolution i have vowed upon my return to  get  myself in shape to have that quicktrim,body by jake tony , billy blanks and  jillian  Michaels body  well that is until the  light came on at the  dunkin doughnuts around the corner so now here i am leaving  starbucks with my coffee in one hand  2 creamers 3 sugars  and ill holla  at you  when my doughnuts are done .....  LONG LIVE THE  FAT KID IN YOUR SOUL
posted by Jamino Brown
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