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Monday, May 6, 2013,9:41 AM
glee is real .. ....
well break out your  tape players and   cue up  your   best of  richard marx and kenny g  cuz its  singing  time .  What .. whats that you say  .... is there a special episode of  the best show  to grace tv since  american  idol . weeeeeel yeeeeeeeah  its only the best thing to happen since peanut butter met  jelly  its a  easy listing  glee a thon and its happening  every day for me in  Manila, Philippines .  I told you earlier that this was the  happiest place on earth  ( eat your  heart out Disneyland) how do  come about this  knowledge you ask , how is this possible coffees1stluv that one place can hold all the  secrets  to my karaoke dreams . Im glad you asked  because as I sit here at work I am  surrounded  by the  real  life glee cast , let me explain  in the Philippines singing  is speaking  , now sometimes this is a   great thing you are greeted with a sing song heellllloooo mammmmmm .. love it , then it happens  Im sitting at my desk when I hear  the smooth sounds of  my  co worker Filipino Idol ( she sings .. she sings oooh  one  more thing to know about her  she  sings all the time)  now granted  she has  a great voice and I have come to  enjoy her renditions of such classics as  the backstreet boys, nickleback  , nsync and ooh the   ever so  classic  98degress.   see now i  just have to pause and  think back  on these great songs .... moment over ..  so heres how i know  for sure that  glee is real we've all had people that we  know love to sing and will sing at the opening of an envelop, and thats her the  glee comes in when  she is sitting   by herself singing the timeless classics of backstreet boys when  she is joined by  boyband (  hes my gay ) he is all that a  boy band should be  smooth dresser looks like he  will bust a slow  90's  dance on you at any moment ,  not one to  be outdone in comes old spice ( now   dont let hte name fool you  old spice loves his songs as much as he loves his cologne.. sometimes the  cologne wins ) and nest thing i  know  of the 11 people on the room  7 are singing and i swear if one  just got up and danced  it wouldnt even  be  weird.. that my friends is how you know that  glee is  more than a tv show its  real life magic served in a bottle of fairies  who are riding on a  unicorn into  a lisa frank  notebook.  just pause  ... smile and  break out your  tapes ... cause  you  ant make this stuff up  i swear  cause i sit in a corer with a cup of coffee with 2 creamers 3 sugars  and i  holla ......... # team  gleee
posted by Jamino Brown
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