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Sunday, May 5, 2013,2:45 AM
delta airlines got the bizness
knock knock , whos there ... well if your me and its day  3  in manila its sure as  hell not my clothes !  now for those of you out of the  know lets catch you up soap opera style, so  last we left off  coffees1stluv(that me)  had arrived in the beautiful phlippines with just hte clothes on my back  and  heat on my body im  telling you this is where heat comes for a vacation. now back to our regularly scheduled program  up until now i  feel that i  have been a  pretty happy all be it frustrated  person, but dammit  even i  have my limits and  day  3 was limit breaking day. Now the excessive reason  for  all of my frustration is  simply this . I HAVE NO  CLOTHES  I HAVE NO LUGGAGE ... as the  well meaning staff has worked with me to  track my luggage down  i   am  behind the scenes like a  bad director of  any B + movie trying to  get my  luggage back , fyi i had  a this  point been in  contact with the airline , they had found my luggage and informed me that i would have said luggage by  5 pm there time granted that was at  8pm the  night  before. now im mad  no let me  tell the truth now im an  xtra in any marvel comic i have become all  the evil villains in the story , same issue   good person  getting kicked while there  down they continue to have hope until one day  lets  say the airport looses your  luggage  and you have to wear the same clothes for 3 days , this is when you become a villain, my  villain  name  angry black  american  woman or HOBERNERO  ( now just keep in mind when you say it   you have to have to use a  cheesy Spanish accent and  stress it  out) and  yes  its not all earth shattering in terms of  fear but you get the point. so when i  track my happy self downstairs to  call the airport and they told me , no mam  the  luggage is  still in   narita japan and wont be here for another couple of hours.. i  cracked  , ok  i said it  i cracked , up until then the staff  that  for me were  so  sweet and helpful became the  enemy of state of  coffee.  And all i wanted to  do in that  very moment is   have my tools of evil a bag of hot Cheetos and now and laters ,,, HUH...  those are your  tools of evil .. nay i say dont laugh  i  would take my bag of  hot  Cheetos and  slap the  delta  rep in the face  blinding them  and  then  turn around and beat them senseless with  a  bag of now and laters  as i do my wicked laugh  teeahahhaha  .. couch couch  ... im working on it ...  i digress ... now im on the  phone with the  nice rep who is explaining to me that  the luggage while found is currently still in narita , japan .. you ever have a moment when you go  right back to childhood and by that i mean the peanuts teacher whah whah whah .. you hear the words but its all white noise , that was me in that moment , so i took it as long as i could coffee became cappuccino which then became a double shot of espresso ( hobernero) and i got  stupid evil , i cussed the  poor woman out on the phone as the  poor reps at the front desk looked on like the smurfs when gargamel comes to town , it just wasnt a pretty sight, so after going all  angry black woman  on everyone i   calmly turned around  hung up the phone and went back to my room . would you believe that  the  entire hotel  knows of my plight, im greeted with hellooooo madam  did you get your luggage..... ARRRGHHHHHHHHHHH....   1 day later the  luggage is  here and  now everyone is scared  of me  a sin and a shame  it came to  that but  i had to give delta the bizness, well  im back in a good place , clean clothes so ima treck over to starbucks  for a coffee you know how i like it  2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla 
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