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Wednesday, October 13, 2010,9:55 PM
man i have nothing
hello to you all , its i coffees1stluv coming live and direct form the great state of dixie.. and like porky pig that's all folks.. really this whole time i have written 3 drafts of dribble initially i had some thought compelling stuff that i was wanting to share , then thought better of it , so i moved onto topic number 2 : food , again hittin a brick wall with that one so i figured that i might as well give it to you like the emperor: naked. i have nothing to write about, you ever have those kinda days when alot happens but its more like an episode of Seinfeld so its all random and cant really flow together, but dam if its not funny. today at work dumpling ( yes a new one) had a dirty test sent to her, by her nasty boyfriend whom i have named Nissan ( being that he works for the plant out here) i know right creative , yet i digress , so Nissan is captain of the freaks and i dont mean ugly i can be my own tlc special i mean pull out your old prince and r kelly records and cds nasty. so the jest if it is that he wants dumpling to involve herself in a 3some a menage a tois ... ( ok thats all i got ) but anyway he was textin her to see if she was down , somehow the kids name got brought into this : all i said was tell him hello , and this ole freak told her tell me hey and do you think she would let you stick your hand in her pants ; well holy usher he had me singin OMG .. and this was the beginning of the day ... at lunch my Seinfeld episode continued when after heating up my Marie calenders beef strogonoff ( which is heavenly) i sit at the table across from sister wife( shes just kinda frumpy and looks like shes bound to be the 3rd wife in a polygamous marriage) talkin dirty it was just wrong i swear to you wrong on so may levels. that was lunch break to commercial and im actually doing some work which is a really big deal being that i walk around more than the average person , i work in a call center so this is not exactly a good thing) so at the end of the day ready to go i have lost my dam keys aint some soap in your left eye and lotion in your right.. i swear to you everyday is an adventure .. meanwhile on the other side of town awaiting is rapidly bringing down the stock of with yet another Internet romance gone wrong, if she keeps this up we are all gonna be with sister wife ... i told you i had nothing to talk about today so lets go Starbucks get some coffee and a scone ... hey put 2 creamers 3 sugars in mine and ill holla .............
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