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Thursday, September 2, 2010,8:30 PM
im hooked on facebook but dont wanna chat ....
so facebook has become my latest fascination. man initially i was one of the ones who were like whatever face book, opened up an account just to meet up with friends , you know the blah , blah blah that everyone opens it for, and for awhile it really worked. until it happened . now i tried to overcome it GOD help me , i was hanging to with my live friends , checking it everyone and awhile to just update the status , never anything personal just random tidbits of madness. but then bam like a snowball to the face , it just happened that fast i was checking the dam page all the time. now at this moment im not checking it form the phone and that is only because i refuse to get the app ( or i probably would) but dam say dam if im not on there now like a fat kid on god cake. now heres the kicker you know when your on facebook and then on the side it shows who online , dam if i don't check that like a crack head in need of a fix , man if someone i know or i feel may wanna chat with me i log my happy ass put. im sorry i type and i talk i just ... i don't know it makes no sense to me , but its kinda like when you see someone in the store and you run in the other isle to avoid , sometimes not all the time i don't wanna be bothered by my virtual friends. so take this and post it as a status, im logging off, but ill be back with 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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