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Saturday, July 10, 2010,11:52 PM
you cant make this ish up part 1
man i man was last nite a hot cube ( a good day) it started like any great Friday should 1. got off early from work 2. relaxed with the friends and 3. enjoyed the randomness of life as I now know it..... As you know I have to change the name to protect the guilty... so lets begin , our tale takes place in the land far far away of Starkvegas, MS. The heat was high the grills were cool and the hood was restless. Like roaches knowing the exterminator is coming they were out in full effect. Now initially the night was like that of any other awaiting and I were hanging out with the rest the Monty crew, CNN, mumbles86, pdiddy, and some new faces. Well as I have previously stated there is nothing more entertaining in this world then folks who have no where to be in the morning. Friday was no exception. No story would be complete without its main character, today in the role of tortured grown thug , we focus on mumbles86. remember that mumbles 86 and I coffeess1stluv were once an item , but on this nite man mumbles86 was more in demand than a big blue marker in the bingo hall. enter stage left the ex - the ghetto chick who tatted his name on her neck. Now I now good and dam well this is not what trey songz meant by the neighbors knowing your name. Mumbles well I have to give it to him for an aging, dresses like its forever the 80's gym class and poor. this man has that swig. no its not a typo I said swig , it s the poor mans swag , so much so he had the ex well call her lil tat waiting in her car cutting side glances at him as he ignored her buying him a $1.49 slushie. REALLY. Granted his may not be a big deal in your world but folks this is a recession and he sent her to the store in the heat to buy a slushie after he has proceeded to ignore her for a full 15mins, the reason I know is because I sat there with the fascination of watching a lady gaga video, sometimes the concept is off but the end result: priceless. Then as if the GODS of drama were starting down on me , enter in center stage sugamamab: (history: sugamamab is mumbles86 ``wife`` ) and by wife I mean his financial security blanket, she the cougar or more like the old lioness with no more teeth. Well she comes rolling up in the hood looking for old mumbles like your mom would when your got an D on the report card. Meanwhile awaiting and I were chilling in the heat, enjoying some tunes, when sugamamab rolled up called her lil cub mumbles to her and proceeded to impose that curfew on him. classic. It was like something out of a soap opera , our eyes met, the baited breath she took while looking into my eyes was imposing, granted the moment was lost on me cuz at this moment a new character was entering the scene. Sped. the name says it all , sped(special-ed) is this chap that is just plain slow , im talking certificate out of high school, cant spell my own middle name slow. RIGHT. sped doesn't like awaiting or coffeess1stluv she thinks were shady like trees. So when she walks past and proceeds to sue her readers digest word of the day , we have to take note of this. you know how you wanna be seen and heard, she was and did , she called us : ................ I cant do it its too much for your eyes..... OK OK .. she called us stupid bitches and Dyke hos.... I know I know who knew that sped could grasp the concept of such complex things .. certainly not me... but that was just the first part of the night , like a good wine , ima let you marinate on that for a minute , when your done come and get me im in the kitchen drinking coffee with 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla ...
posted by Jamino Brown
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