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Monday, June 14, 2010,9:35 PM
rats,limos, and lions and tigers and bears ....
Some say that happiness can be found in anything , I believe this now to be true. Now last sat was a giant ice cube ( a good day) went to work , good times , got off even better . I figured well its all coffee and stale  doughnuts after this , so wrong i was my friend so wrong. it gets beeter than ever , im chilling as always with the  other half of myself , awaiting were in the kitchen chatting it up , when her chaps come in  yellin that theres a limo outside. Now unless your  a celeb,  reality star, or going to your prom the chances of you just riding in a limo are gonna be pretty slim. but wait it gets better like and infomercial on late night television that  captivates you so much that you gotta by.... its the snake !!!!! Snake is awatings half brother loves wrestling and is just a sweet and nice guy. Now let me explain snake is about to celebrate his bday ( granted it should be his 35th) but its his 21st again for the last 5 years. cool. he has now outdone himself and got a stretch limo to take us to  wait for it : CHUCK -E- CHEESE !!!!!!!!!!  you can not even begin to understand how as a grown adult well into my 30'S I reverted to that of his nieces and nephews at the mere prospect of  going to see a giant rat in a stretch limo. I tell you  guys I cant make this ish up its not possible. go to your local hood , run don't walk and if your lucky one day you may also get to see a giant rat, and not in a house but in a place designated for the fun in your heart!!!!!!!!!!! after all this ima need a cup of coffee : waiter , please give me 2 sugars and 3 creamers and ill holla !!!!!!
posted by Jamino Brown
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