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Friday, May 21, 2010,10:29 PM
dirty berries,bad roast , and threats
well well  well its a lovely day in the neighborhood, that was until i ate some of those dam dirty berries and some old roast that was in the fridge... man my stomach was hurtin!  the  dirty berries were a  givin , they have been washed and  were just sitting there but the roast, why  did the meat turn on me... I hear your thoughts : what the hell were you doing eating old roast, well its not like that , the roast had only been cooked what 4 days ago... but that is a lesson learned for me. As I am  no w in a place of peace : translation I am no longer  sitting on the  toilet praying like a whore in church for my gut not to fall out.... And then there was one : the topic of todays  O NO HE DIDN'T: THREATS : Mumbles86 he prides himself on being the man . well as much of a man as one can be when  they own nothing , have no set home , have to  basically be a low rent gigolo for older women can be , but i digress , now mublems86 and I had dated for 5 years , we are no more , now he wants to be that child on the playground  that has no idea on how to express themselves to the girl they  like so they pull her hair .. remember them .. well mublems86 is that man : he told CNN ( of course ) that he would choke coffees1stluv( me) when he saw me again.. well  being that he saw me last nit e and im bloggin here guess its safe to say OJ 0 coffees1stluv 100% good times , i think the  dirty berries may have given me  strength.. you better have some :  until next time  ladies and gents 2 sugars 3 creamers and ill holla   
posted by Jamino Brown
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