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Sunday, May 16, 2010,11:00 PM
coffe with a side of milkfat
so as always  the names are changed to  protect the guilty so my best friend milk fat came to town last night and  it was so great to see my girl , until she dropped the bomb of all bombs on me ...What could it be you ask with a bated breath .. Pregnant , dying , found a lover in a down low situation .. no none of these things.. she  came to me with lets be ...... CELIBATE... ABSTINENCE.. no sex !!!!!!!!! i KNOW .. Ill give you a min my mind took a min to digest this as well .. Don't get me  wrong there is nothing wrong with not getting any in order to come closer to yourself and put thing in perspective , but I an now a 30 yr old woman and down to last tow o good eggs being that the others are dust and the thought f taking away my sex life is well frankly it is like having lettuce for dinner when the whole table orders steak. So  because she is my  girl and  I also took time to listen to her  reasons I agreed. I wanted to make this  known to all of you out there in case my writing tends to lean on the  side of angry black woman , I'm not angry just want my dam steak! Women and men as well we have become a group of people that has  become to dependent on the physical and not the inner person. Now I'm certainly not trying to preach cuz I  love the outside of the book , it s all p.c. to say beauty is skin deep : blah blah blah  thats true but ugly is to the bone , but the point that I was going for is that if you find that you are in various relationships with the same script different cast then take a personal evaluation of yourself , sex is a weapon and with all weapons should be used responsibly. Dam trying to win the fight for love , win the  war , they last longer and you get better gifts . .. mama said there would be days like this , but she never said that at 30 Id be trying the virgin thing again .. pray for ya gryl as I hold onto my self and find that one that will slay the dragons of my heart and knock the dust off my eggs lol till next time 2 sugars 3 creamers and ill holla 
posted by Jamino Brown
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