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Friday, May 14, 2010,8:59 PM
save a horse ride a cowboy
Big and rich made a song  save a horse ride a cowboy ,  love the tune and until recently  was all about cowboys , that is until i met a fake ass Georgia boot wearing one  for real . Now  don't get me wrong I cannot and  do not place his faults on my  fellow cowboys. This one through me fr a loop though , now  initially when i met him it was all good , he was respectful to a point. You  know how the men come onto you all nice and then come in for the kill when im gonna get a chance to  hit it ... O NO ! well that was red flag number 1 , but like most I trotted along the yellow brick road and joined him in his comfort zone  crazy town . While there I learned some very interesting things the most important being that  when you hear something remember it and learn form it .Maya Angelou once said when someone tells you w ho they are believed them , well cowboy hes a nut , and not in a funny ha ha sort of way , in a  Ive known you 3 weeks i love you , text you call you a bitch and them call you back to apologize , stay drunk , wear outfits that look like i work as a camp counselor on the weekends, live with my brother , got issues because of a divorce , ADD, sort of way.   So ladies  if you ever run across a man  riding a horse in some Georgia boots , with  your little brothers khaki pants on and he refers to you over and over as darlin , RUN LIKE HELL HES CRAZY! next time I think ill just ride the horse to another man and leave the cowboy on broke back mountain... till that  time comes 2 sugars 3 creamers and ill holla 
posted by Jamino Brown
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