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Wednesday, May 12, 2010,11:11 PM
classic tragedy

So  once again it on... I am coffees1luv coming at you from the  great state of MS .. today in an exciting adventure of  hood tales and other sorted events  i will bring you the story f a young man gone wrong and all the funny shit in between the sandwich of life.... 

Now with me the names are changed to protect he guilty ...  the cast of characters is unique  , we have mumbles86 n ow he is my ex , the name derives form the fat that  well  shit he mumbles  and he is stuck-in a constant time warp of 1986 , hence the name , awaiting  my partner in crime , CNN the local teen who seems to have the fat ( never the skinny)on everybody , Lil orphan k  : CNN baby daddy (homeless and alone) , skittle (awating's ex ) dresses like everyday is a day to taste that dam rainbow, rkelly snapper : she loves them young and states that she has that snap that keeps them coming back (Right)  now right now shes involved with shawshank ( self explanatory)  but for you slow ass mofo's hes locked up , cowboy, and just today we have juvie. 

Shakespeare said All the world is a stage and all it men are merely players, this is so true as the cast in the play of my life appear to be classic tragedies.... Now today was my  ice cube ( it was a good day )  went to work got off early even better decided to hang with awaiting .. Cool.. until the point when her chap came in and infomred  us if hte police presence .. being that we are bored and well just eager to see someone get stuck on the train track of life we go outside to be nosy.  

Classic tragedy  yet another one our youths being detained by the police .. Initially it was just a convo with juvie and officers , being that they have history and all. Mind you juvie  well he knows the system so he talking and attempts to  give his prepaid legal advice  that he cannot be searched ... Well the plot then thickens he walked away ... OMG ! I know so what are the police to do you ask ?  Well bum rush his little a%$ thats what , now juvie who had a backpack full of lions tigers and bears  o my threw that mutherfunker ! Yes now for my criminally minded this is a no no ... well that leads to the arrest .. end of the tell of course not ... granted we are in the hood and the weather is nice so like a reverse roach all the residents come to see this  event in motion...  Juvie is the man ! he  has to be  forced into the back of the car , then once in well this  , i cant  even put this in words .....

BOOM BOOM POW : i know what the chicken lives ! that  dam boy bust the window out the car.. now see thats what happens when you take Jasmine Sullivan to dam far ! So of course  because of this you have to get him , meanwhile his mother clepto ( that b*&^%) can steal your kidney in your sleep has been in the house  chillin , maybe enjoying the comfort of a big ole rock .. comes outside in an O LAWD DON'T TAKE MY BABY moment ! its what my girl awaiting calls shitastic! and  well it just is .. now all of this on a wed... what does one do for an encore ... 

until next time 


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