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Thursday, May 13, 2010,12:11 AM
Family Blogs End Marriages...
Why oh why are there so many family blogs????

Not like I want to read about your family, look at your family, or skip past your family while clicking Next Blog.

Sometimes I want to deep fry my head in a batch of McDonald's fry grease because I can't stand the sugary sweetness that is a family blog.

FYI to the wife who probably created said blog: He cheating on you, girl!! He gots him another woman!!

Probably all those pics you are posting done drove the man to adultery. A real woman would be freaking instead of posting.

**Don't talk shit, I have no man, so I can post. I have an excuse. Shite.*

Now quit uploading all those photos of Jim, Susy and Electra because we don't want to see their coloring pages, piss pot pics or their birthday party madness. K? Thnx.
posted by Divian
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