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Wednesday, May 19, 2010,12:06 AM
sweet dreams
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, once again its on in coffee talks neighborhood. So  my  best friend milkfat come to town and we hung out like to sagging ninnies. Child we did it big that chap rented a hotel room  and we just  chilled. We had a ghetto adventure, let me explain . Being that it was midnight and we were hungry we headed to  hardees to eat some vittles. So we order our food the big chicken fillet, had to make certain to tell them to give us the big hormone inflated chicken so that we could get our monies worth . So  while waiting in a line of one , a car was in front of me, big body Cadillac with peaches across the  back windshield, so naturally I had  to speak , Hey peaches grly , not  thinking she heard me  my grly and I chuckle. O gingersnaps that chap leans over to the side of her mirror gives that prison ima shank a b(*&^ look and says who is this : well  dam I'm in a state of dam didn't think she speak so I just have to  laugh it off , my bad saw the car just wanted to speak .Adventures no matte where you go they happen. So when we get back to the hotel the big chicken is smashed and so delicious it musta been pumped with the right hormones cuz this chap had a crazy dream. Picture it the hood 2010 I'm fighting clepto one of our local crack heads who can steal your name if  its in your pocket , awaiting is sitting by aimlessly , milkfat is in the corner smoking on a cig all slow and cool , then  states to me go on and dog walk her... now why she  do that  I tell you this is a sweet dream got a gryl fighting in my sleep.... mumbles86 comes by to  drag me to the top of  stair, thereby leaving milkfat who is too cool to finish her cig and  proceeded to  knock $1.20 out of  ole grly ,beat that  chap for change ... but alas it was all a dream induced by a big chicken hormone filled fillet form hardees...... next time i go  ill make certain to add cheese ... as always  sugars 3 creamers and ill holla 
posted by Jamino Brown
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