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Monday, May 31, 2010,10:35 PM
return to brokeback mountian
well once again its on , I had taken a few days off and i  apologize for this ,my adventures of course did not stop... so as you know i change the names to protect the guilty. Heres what has gone on in the life and times of one coffees1stluv. now this past Saturday  coffees1stluv, awaiting , lil dimples, rkelly snapper , and iphone were all hanging at awaitings house. As always its never a dull time  and this was no exception,  Lil dimples had informed me earlier in the day  that she had run int o  the cowboy and that he was supposed to accompany her to her mothers house for a dinner. not a prob , im cool if one wants to hang with the court jester that is the cats meow.  although he did not show , we had a great time at the moms and upon leaving proceeded  to  awaitings crib. now the hood has yet to fail me and this was no exception. being that it was late at nite and we had nowhere to go lil dimples once again mentioned cowboy, now if this was the God's of messy were smiling down  a suggestion was made to go and get him. A plan was devised , lil dimple  went to pick up cowboy and  man it was on. now lil dimple is one cool laid back cat she  doesn't bother anyone real sweet chap, she goes and picks up the fool who was drunk when she got there and they head for the store before returning , now once in th store lil dimple calls to get our order see of there was anything we wanted, i placed a order in  for a snickers ice cream bar ( when your hungry why wait) and a bottle of mascotto, sounds easy right , wrong the fool that is the cowboy was so  drunk he i didn't get it , so i settled on wine coolers. flash forward and the lil dimples is telling me that cowboy is now channeling the karate kid and is doing his karate moves in the store. wait it gets better , when they finally make it to the house hes all smiles and giggles and without much prompting proceeds to attempt to strip. Now i use this word as a disclosure if you have ever seen stripping you would be aware that it is not going to consist of a short man in lil boy khaki shorts, p.e. pulled up white socks, and some of the old mister roger sneakers. wait for it it gets better. he dances well attempts to dance by knelling down on his heels and gyrating  in his thick soles , then it happened the man became the lord of the dance . i swear to you the only visual aid i can give you would be imagine if you would a little short man in  his  sons khaki short pants the kind that come to your knees, your old p.e. white gym socks the kind that come up to your calf and no shirt, yes now what you have it , imagine the man doing a  little leprechaun dance . priceless.  the best part he  does acrobatics ( badly mind you ) he proceeds to take his  nub of  a leg and kick it over my head as i was laying down on the bed and kicks me in the shoulder. not one to be deterred by a little kick he moves on and does his dance of the little  khaki pants men. ...... i tell you the return to brokeback mountain was not a trip that will be put on the summers best places to visit. it was like when you stand in line at the amusement park and you ride the ride that was all hype, you realize then that the best part of the day was hot dog you had earlier...... till next time bat-fans 2 sugars 3 creamers and ill holla  
posted by Jamino Brown
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