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Sunday, May 23, 2010,10:55 AM
hellen keller, lil baby daddy, lil drops of rain
well its that time again :HOOD WARS  : dam I swear to you if you have a friend, family member or  just know someone who lives in a hood go and visit. Cuz there is nothing more entertaining then watching people who have nowhere to be  in the  morning spend there nights and days  creating there own reality shows....  So as always its coffees1stluv and you know i got to change the names to protect the guilty .. we have some  new people on the canvas ,  last nite it popped off lil  baby daddy  came to get his kids from there mother.. Now  don't get all up in arms this man was prev a guest of the state of MS and all the while she had been chilln in the hood , not a  prob she was keeping her kids nasty.Now there in lies the problem. So  Lil baby daddy baby mother is Helen keeler(  and i know this is not pc ) so  get over it .. n e ways  Helen Keller was a hollering last nite , but the tripped out part was that she was not  so mad that her kids were being taken in the middle of the night by there father , no it was that he came over to begin with ... if that don't be the cheese on the toast i don't know what is.. now  the thing about last nite was Lil baby daddy while he was doing a good thing getting his chaps and all  he was drunk.. and he s the kinda drunk that will get ur a&^ just cuz he perceive something. Man  he was yelling at  old e  told him that  ole  classic .. im put you in a pamper messing with me , you not sneaky  im sneaky .. im telling you .. this cannot be made up this ish is real .. HBO don't have this. trust. So  all this time of course  awaiting, lil orphan k, CNN , bobby , mumbles86, pdiddy, toothless wonder, and the rest of the strays are watchin the evens unfold. You  know its  some thing about  watchin a car crash its a horrible  thing but u just cant help to slow down and take a look... Man lil baby daddy came and got his kids called his daddy , and went back to kick the dam gryl door in .. it was  hood classic. All the while  a lil drop of madness hit the kid. Wham! mumbles86 approached  coffees1stluv on some try songz ish: lets  get it in for the last time .. needless to say I  contemplated it , should , would , could I  , Im celibate  its wrong , but alas when in Rome  buy something , so  yes I'm back no longer  celibate, pressure free and happy . HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!! so like a  good Disney tale  a life was in danger , but untimely good triumphed over evil and a a song was sung ..... What's the song you ask ... well i think it was party in the USA miley cyrus : i know it was a weird nite , so im just gonna grab a cup  and go  gve me 2 sugars 3 creamers and ill holla 
posted by Jamino Brown
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