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Wednesday, May 26, 2010,8:51 PM
So I met this guy online ……
 So I'm at home thinking to myself about old times and missed chances and I remembered this one time, in the hood …. So once again its on its that time of year again, a good old American holiday is coming up, Memorial Day followed by Independence Day. Its so funny that these days make me remember a throwback. An old style you ask no I mean one of those men who was so smooth that once you meet them you should throw them back. So awaiting well she's not exactly a hopeless romantic, but she is one of those girls you see on an ad for …..Let me go back, awaiting had been on line with this chap: green card, well he seemed to be a nice enough fellow, seeing as how most potential serial killers are always described that way. Well so awaiting and green card had been talking for quite some time when he got the brilliant idea of letting the man come to visit her. Even better than this lets put him up in her mother's house .Now at this point I'm thinking shall we gather by the river because that's where we will find your body. But I digress, so the fateful day arrives and green card is here. Originally from Nigeria, Africa has got a mad thick accent to the point where he can be the bushman people. Yet I digress again. Fast forward 2 days and I get the pleasure of meeting the man, initially he seem to be cool , but so is a Venus fly trap right before it eats the fly. Now day 3 that's where the excitement comes in, now awaiting is tired of green card he's not as exciting as he was on-line ( shock of all shocks I know) when I coffees1stluv get a call saying that I am needed , never mind that its 2 am, so I rush over what could be going on, questions , no answers … Making it to the door I am greeted by green card who welcomes me and proceeds to pull me into a lizard flavored kiss, OMG I t was nasty , never mind the fact that he was not here to see me he was here for my friend now hes darting his lizard tongue in my mouth. After the shock of the moment, he goes bigger; he then proceeds to explain to me that he will ……. Wait for it; Pay me to marry him so that he can get permanent status in the country. WOW! I KNOW! and we are worried about illegal immigration from Arizona and Texas, well I have an illegal in my midst , well his visas still good for a couple of months but the point is , this crazy fool just asked me to marry him for a green card. Now at the time I was involved with mumbles86, informing him of this he casually explains that this is just business and that he would be more than willing to explain this to him. WELL DAM! And to top off the madness it was an offer that I had to sit back and consider, seeing as how I have no marriage to speak of what's a proposal of marriage between people who just met 2 days ago. I'm telling you anytime you have your friend call you up and tell you , So I met this guy on line , be aware , head my tale , he may be a green card in disguise … remember 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla  
posted by Jamino Brown
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