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Tuesday, July 6, 2010,9:53 PM
just when you thought the hood was safe.....
man o man once again its on. as you know its coffeess1stluv coming live and in living color. as the post suggests there is once again another tale of whoa. much like a good Shakespeare tale there is love lost , longing and the fights. the fights are what legends are made of. Sat. July 3,2010 is a day that will live in infamy ,thats the day CNN and Lil orphan k celebrated the birth of their chap. well sort of. picture the hood on a hot summer day in July. Not certain of it was the heat makes for good times or the fact that hood people just cant help themselves. but here we go. so CNN and Lil orphan k are now like any young couple who had a chap to soon they no longer want each other but don't want to see the other doing good. a tale we all know to well. now the party started off great all the elements of a good time , good weather , food to eat , Lil people ( chaps) running around enjoying life , so why o why the drama at a one year olds party you ask. well simple, Lil orphan k has been making moves since we last spoke still no so well dressed homeless he has at least now acquired himself a steady gig , and so brought his son a Lil kiddie pool . no problem nice gesture, right . well......... so the pool was all set up and kids were getting in and enjoying that was the wind down of the party.CNN sensed with her baby mama senses that all was not rite in the land of drama and never one to be outdone she notices that lil orphan k decides that he wanted to take the kids pool over to his new girls house so that her children can also enjoy. now get your mouths off the ground i realize this is a cardinal sin. but lil orphan k well he does t see it this way so a verbal assault ensues , and then it happen d, it was like when you watch a person getting spit on , it just seems to happen in slow motion and its sooo wrong. I cant say where or how but CNN manged to grab herself a knife and was yelling at the orphan to tell him that there was no way she was going to have him taking the pool across the street for that *&^%5 kids . then she did it , she pulled out said knife your honor and cut the pool , not just a slash no that was to easy she cut the pool all the way around. then like a Greek GOD of crazy has possessed him lil orphan k rose from the deep like the mighty cracklin and hit CNN dead in the eye. it was like an episode of old school batman : by that i mean POW and dam if a BOOM didn't follow. and I tell you just when you thought the hood was the place to go , go back in pour a cup of coffee and make me one with 2 sugars 3 creamers and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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