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Monday, June 21, 2010,10:56 PM
priceless pepper,hoarders, and jus plain fun
so i have to give a shout out to my grly milkfat ,  thats my pea for life , she came down to visit and we spent a  little bit of time together. i know i told you before to hang with your hood friends but bear in mind we are all celebs in our own lives and everyday is an adventure. case in point milkfat and I were hangin out had a case of the i could eats, rolled up on hardees for a big chicken and  drink when what comes through the loud speaker, well only the voice of priceless pepper. pepper was offering chicken tenders in a way that was soo sultry one could not help but get some , had to let that chap know that the were the bomb diggty. this is the part in the story in which i finally understood the power of  $1.99 phone sex, cuz the right voice can have you ordering large fries and  chicken tenders when you came for a big chicken , meanwhile later on that night  we  went over to the southern belles house and OMG this chap needs to be submitted to the producers of hoarders. granted im no neat freak  and all but this was just nasty. its so extreme jus random junk all thrown everywhere whats one to do. it was like being in the .99 cents store while they are putting up inventory and taking out the trash that they  just decide to leave in the middle of the floor. but i digress, now i want to give a disclosure i live in a college town and right now its summer so  its boring  so  milkfat, lil dimp,and Kimmie all went to the happiest place on earth : WALMART !  oh you thought Disneyland hell no  WALMART b(*&^%% all the rollbacks and you can run into everyone you know, we went to go get some makeup , seeing as how  we were bored and were gonna take some pics. while there Kimmie  hipped me to some  really crucial ish , she wants to make some quick cash how you ask , well ill tell you , shes gonna  have a  number one hit. and in todays market with all the snapping , booty popping and  general nonsense going on she onto something. right in the cosmetics section she broke down the  hit of the summer : SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS : catchy hook  great  sound , let me tell you once it goes viral you heard it here first , and look out for my joint , its gonna be titled baby mama drama , single number 1 : child support !  look out for me  ill be the  one in the corner sipping coffee with 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla 
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