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Wednesday, June 16, 2010,8:19 PM
i hate my job
hello there friends , once again its coffees1stluv coming live and direct to you  form the great state of MS.  normally I am bringing you  my hood adventures but alas I have not been to the hood for the last couple of days. What have I been up to you ask, are the  adventures in  hood land coming to an end like a Paris Hilton best friend. NO . so put your minds at ease , I've been going to what most of us hate : work ! granted I go to work everyday  have a great work ethic and  enjoy my coworkers, but dam if I don't hate my job. You ever have that time in your life when you realize that there has to be more out there than what your doing . well I'm there right now. I work in a call center and  for those who are not familiar imagine the TV the office its the same concept. N E ways  as far as the coworkers are concerned they are they  best , we can be come our own realty TV show .. CALL CENTER ( center in the dramatic music) but its a comedy, for example , anytime you  can say that while you were sitting on the phone talking to a customer about their problem you can , 1 put them on hold for a ridiculous amount if time to  go and dance to the latest snap ,roll , bend and  twirl dance , and later a rat runs across the room and proceeds to die in the middle of the floor its good times .. excitement for all. But like a Tyler  Perry movie  its become redundant an predictable... now don't get me wrong the cast of charters make the day worthwhile. Names will be added later as this is my rant about how I am now at a bone -thugs n harmony moment ( at a crossroads) the problems is that the job is just that a job and once you reach a certain age its time to get a career and do something that you love . I  was in a strong like with my job but now it feels like a long drawn out breakup, how long will the job and I continue to play the  lets work it out , well till the new one comes in. Hell I may hate my job but I also refuse to  be well dressed homeless .. till that time comes im drinking .. gve me 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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