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Wednesday, June 23, 2010,10:09 PM
whats the facebook fascination ?
well  im here im bored and im telling you my inner thoughts. this is my therapy so  sit on your collective computer chairs pull up a  seat and  enjoy the ride. as I was sitting in my house eating pizza and  scrolling through my computer for tings to do , it occurred to me that I have become fascinated with face book. face book has become my drug, like many of my peers i am on a  cracked out binge called facebook. and this leads me to  ask for my own personal intervention, what the hell has happened to me that i have to  get alerts to  my phone to let me know that Jimmy t in  Seattle  changed his profile picture, and that Mary Jane thinks that her boyfriend is sleeping with her neighbor. all in her status update.  its  crazy . once upon a time people called and told you there business . but  hell  let be real whats the fun of that. granted facebook has helped me to connect with friends form grade  school and meet various interesting people from everywhere. but  now the sheer act o going on-line has to consist of checking my facebook page , as if my  very life is not going to move forward if my friends are not informed that i was bored on the job today and ate chicken for lunch. so to all my counterparts lets raise up our level of  communication , call one another , email , write a dam letter for God's sake ! wait  , wait just a minute , Timmy t just posted new pics to his profile ... forget what i said what  do i know , im fascinated with facebook the way Justin beiber fans are with his  funny side hair. pray for my soul and post your status updates that i may find the way. ill be in the cafeteria with a cup of coffee with 2 sugars 3 creamers and ill holla 
posted by Jamino Brown
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