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Thursday, July 1, 2010,10:15 PM
its offical : im a dork

I have now come to the most striking conclusion. Honey bunches of oats im a nerd. ... Now I don't mean a nerd in a Steve Urkel pulling my pants up to high sorta way. No i am a non techie , soap opera , star trek the next generation sit in front of my computer and really don't get out much sort of dork. Nerds well nerds have become cool , who doest like to hang with the smart folks. Me , well i cant function a blackberry to save a my ipod form crashing into the abyss that was once my iphone. Hell I don't even get the hype with the iphone already. I have a slider with picture messaging , and text messages and man im in heaven oooh and i have a camera that were the requirements. Man as I write this I realize that I am one step away from a jitterbug. Wow I really am a dork. But its cool because Im create all my own adventures and also have one of the coolest soundtracks to my life. EVER ! PERIOD. I am the lion, tiger and the bear .. NARNIA

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Jamino Brown
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