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Thursday, July 1, 2010,10:30 PM
honey nut cheerios : craigslist
Honey nut cheerios craigslist is soooo nasty. Who knew. And if you knew how come no disclosures were never given. So i went on craiglists last night because im single and a friend told me all caps FORGET MATCH.COM ... nay to them i say .. nay .. well it didn't happen like that but it was cool wasn't it ... you liked it .... im on craiglists which is basically your local newspaper all together and decide to peruse the personals section. And then it happened : looking for a companion and friend if you will , thats what the ad said and then beside it had (pic) , now who can turn down that a friend you say and a pic to match well thats just the cats meow. Opened it up like a fat kid with a little Debbie cake was i excited.. O MY LAMB ( im trying to stop cussing ) work with me here.. there i saw a pic of a body part. a body part, i know in your mind you said it all dry like :REALLY : NO REALLY . yes a body part one of the parts of the body thats normally covered by fruit of the loom . RIGHT. But like a person driving past an accident scene i couldn't help but slow down and look Craiglist is nasty. So when i log into the site next time ... well ill have some coffee with my 2 creamers and 3 sugars ready so that ill holla !
posted by Jamino Brown
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