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Saturday, July 24, 2010,10:23 PM
for the love of churches chicken
so once again its on its coffeess1stluv coming at you live and direct to give you a slice of the cake of life ... today i have to tell you a crazy story that was shared with me ... you know the saying what would you do for a Klondike bar : well dam that : the question now is what would you do for the love of some churches chicken. now you know that the name s are always changed to protect the guilty and today is no exception. Picture it a balmy day in the great state of Dixie(MS) and two sisters LOUIS V and raspy red are on the hunt : twilight style. hunting for that good ole southern treat ( chicken) all thats right in the south is deep fried and today we are going to pic up our story in Columbus ,MS .. so Louis v and raspy red are riding down our great 2 lane highway : disclosure for those of you trotting along on a 4 lane well .. i have nothing just sounded like i could put something there. i digress .. so riding along singing a song when POP .. never a sound you want to hear while on any road , so naturally a stop is made : now at this point they are still a good 10 mins outside of the actual town so about 5 miles to the nearest gas station or even a car place to help : Louis v knowing that she had a prev problem with a blowout prev was a wise owl and stated that she may have a blowout: checked the tire and what do ya know the thing was intact : now if that just don't take you to Mr Rodgers neighborhood, now raspy red is no fool she was like lets just go on and in turn around its not that serious for some chicken : or is it : do the sisters continue what happens to the tire and why is churches chicken so dam big .... hahahaha i just had to do that it felt like the climax to a TV show, so they get into town Louis v pulls into a tire shop wanting to get her tire checked out and replaced , so the man tells her he has no spares nor any new to fit her car and suggest a place down the road , OK so on the tire that could be blown out we are going to travel down the road , were at the second tire place its beginning to feel like maybe something was coming in because once again there was no room at the inn , a 3 locations is suggested : so once again over the hill and under the bridge we go , PAY-DIRT: the tire is checked and while Louis v is inside discussing the payment and the tire : POW : tire has now pooped and naturally this causes raspy red to exit the car : makes sense right : OK so here in lies the problem : Louis v was inside at the time leaving raspy red in the car with the keys and the purse, now since the car has become unoccupied the car working like a episode of knight rider gone wrong has locked itself : while running and the spare keys are inside. man they just wanted some chicken : WHHHY LORD WHHHHHHY: now another adventure : it take s 20 mins for the car to get unlocked : good times : tires gets fixed even better and now on a mission for the chicken. finally we arrive at our destination, churches chicken : and of you cannot taste that honey biscuit and a 16 piece for $5 then your living in a KFC shell and i am sorry for you : now we get our chicken and once again another adventure: the chicken is $13 : fine not a prob except that Louis v only has a $10 bill on her left her debit card with the last tire place and for churches much like a real church they don't take no cc card : no mam the lord as the chicken joints like cash .. man if you ever ever ever find yourself in need of some chicken please please please : grab your Crisco , your flour and your honey and make the dam chicken at home .. don't fall victim to the allure to the chicken .. what do you do go the love of churches chicken , well we know one tale , me ill just sit back with 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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