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Wednesday, July 21, 2010,7:24 PM
i wanna be a billionaire so f(*&^% bad
well well well can the blog say blogman ! I said can the blog say blogman ! church : YES : well once again its coffeess1stluv coming live and direct from the great state of MS on the prowl for all that intrigues and delights your senses. I have found my new them song for the month : Travis mckoy : i wanna be a billionaire. man you gotta love the man ingenuity he doesn't want to be a mere millionaire thats for the Lil birds in the sky , no you gotta wanna be a billionaire so f*&^% bad. and right now i have to digress into my mad rat : so check this ish : mike check one two one two : times are hard right now and a chap is hanging on like Noah in the arc, man keeping your head above water is some tough stuff. tough choses are gonna have to be made but sometimes the choices are made easier when they are made for you . Today was a day of mourning. why ? what happened you ask.. well my cell died or better yet was murdered by the heartless unfeeling flat faced terds at ATT. the phone was a victim of my own personal recession. hell im broke! i have a home phone , Internet and cable what in the French toast did i need a cell for ... RIGHT .. but that was me trying to keep up with the Jones', but guess what just found out that the dam Joneses house went into foreclosure trying to keep up with the smiths. Ain't that some cat pee in your eye. its not that the phone was turned off that leads to my rant, no it was the principal of the ting. I work in a call center and have worked sales , service and cancellations. now the customer service was great but the dam cancellation team , was horrible. i got on the phone tonight with capt cancellation and ill be dammed if he didn't delight in telling me of an early termination fee and that to reinstate my phone service was going to be a ridiculous amount of $546.. RIGHT .. i don't know who in the hell ATT think they are fooling but not your girl , i would sooner cancel all my ish and get me a cup and some string and make a cal old school style. these are the times that i wanna be a billionaire so f*&^% bad ! until then im a take my broke no cell phone having self on to the kitchen and pour my nite cup of coffee : you know how i do 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
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