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Wednesday, July 21, 2010,9:12 AM
you still cant make this ish up part 2
i have to start by saying that i am sorry that this has taken so long to post , so goes life things were happening around me and i let this fall by the wayside.but alas i am back and here to catch you up. so the last time we wrote i was telling you about the hood adventures that are so commonplace for me now. well lets go back , as you know the names are changed to protect the guilty. this is no different. the same nite awaiting , and coffeess1stluv were outside just chilling in the heat , all the madness came through. i told you before that sped came through and called us stupid ( now this is ironic being that she cannot spell her own middle name) RIGHT .... and then came back and yelled that we were stupid dyke's, now to that i take offense .. stupid , no mam , i cna spell .hahahahahha . and it gets better i don't know what it is about the heat and the fools but they come to you like roaches , always wanna come around in the dark and play . so the tracksuit pimp comes to us and of course he runs his game. hes a special brand of pimp , hes not a traditional pimp in that hes not pimping women , hes that old functioning drunk that just talks a lot of ish that makes no sense. and that nite was no exception. he proceeds to tel me that if i get my game up i can have him and he had money all the while he mumbling things to himself , then it happens another classic hood line . so he bumps into awaiting and then says well dam i almost nuted on myself ; pause : almost dam girl you better watch yourself .. i ask oyu how do you make this ish up , you don't you go in the house and do what you know needs to be done make some coffee put in 2 sugars and 3 creamers and tell them ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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