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Monday, August 30, 2010,9:04 PM
well well well its another day in the neighborhood and im feeling like ive been stuck on sesame street all day , couldn't catch the reading rainbow ... so im here to tell you my tale of oooh wow is me. .. in all and not so far away .. no im just kidding... i have been gone and let me tell you why , man this blog ish is serious business its like a new shiny toy when you were a kid , it was so exciting at the time then the newness of it stared to fade and you put it down for a day , the n 2 then next thing man its been a month and the toys sitting there. thats been me i was a supernova flying high one if the bright lights all be it to myself within this blog thing , was out telling everyone check me out .. got the crew spitting my tags , 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla ! dammit im a catch phrase let that ish get to my head go comfortable in the game , but like all stars i burned bright but not long so now im back a mere star shining amongst you all , her to once again share my tales of madness. you know with the weather cooling off it seems like the hood creatures have calmed down a little cuz my adventures in the hood are not what they used to be , so now i am going to broaden my horizons, the suburbs ,the country ( now if your from the south or anywhere rural you know that means those people that reside in the boonies) or as i refer to them the serial killer paradise. i never quite could understand the point of living 20 miles from the nearest store , 3 miles from your neighbor , man that just grounds to get killed. im just sayin, this is the point at which i ramble on about nothing. and for those of you that had wondered about my job status ( well no one probably did but im telling anyway) IM STILL EMPLOYED ! aint that some ish , i said it before its bad when you look forward to getting laid off, but to all things there is a plan , and i plan to have a cup of coffee sit in my chair and look at the stars... put me in 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla ......
posted by Jamino Brown
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