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Tuesday, August 3, 2010,9:51 PM
layed off
now i know that i have not been around to give you the latest round of madness that is coffeess1stluv and for that i am sorry. but im back and in full effect. no rantings from the hood today as we in the great state of MS suffer a heat wave apparently those without jobs or general ambition like to also beat the heat. but today i am here to rant about the un pc : have you ever hated your job to the point that you look forward to getting laid off. now if that don't be the cold French fries at McDonalds , i don't know what is. and in these times of economic uncertainly its crazy to look forward to losing and not gaining a job. but man man to be able to say that i coffeess1stluv have everyday off if only for awhile is so so so welcoming , that is until i begin my trend toward the well dressed homeless section of the store. well a chap can rant if nothing else so until the day comes that publishers clearing house stops giving my money to these old people about to die ill gonna have me some coffee : iced cuz dam if it aint hot but put my 2 sugars 3 creamers in and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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