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Tuesday, August 17, 2010,8:05 PM
return of the mack
man o man have i been slipping. the kid has been down for the count, i must admit i feel off for a min was off the grid got lazy and got fat. but im back ready and in fighting stance to bring you my rules of madness. its gonna be hotter than two mice in a wool sock in this ..... so lets get the games started as you know i must change the names to protect the guilty. so about week ago i was chillin out in the hood, which up this point had been disappointing me no new drama , when count it all joy. the mack the many the myth the fake pimp came back. classic lines attached with actions. im telling you that have not lived until an old drunk man cusses your friend out for not wanting to talk to him and then proceeds to tell you that he loves light skinned women but dam he would eat your black as cuz you just so dark. lets not mention that old classic of a kiss on the hand, no thats old school , the mack the man the fake pimp he took my hand kissed it , so nice im thinkin and before i can get it back he licked it. thats right he liked my hand. (cue in the hand sanitizer and the lysol spray) but wait like a oxy clean commercial there is more , later that nite he proceeds to let me know how good i smell granted its a cool nite and of course coffees1stuv is always on point smellin good. so he proceeds to lean in let me know i smell good and BAM he bites me in the side of the arm and not a ooh yea make you hot kinda bite its the Charlie bit me (check you tube) kinda bite dam it hurt and its still hurting. so to all you pimps out there we now have established two rules for you never bite and please do not lick ! tel next time you can find me in the coffee bean looking mean with 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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