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Monday, October 11, 2010,10:34 PM
where the h#@ have you been
so i would like to say im sorry to my 4 fans out there, being that 3 of my fans consist of family its ok ... but to you my lone wolf i am sorry that i have kept your coffee cold. i fell off, i became indifferent and my adventures were drying up faster than a it with a fresh coat of proactive. but alas i have come back to sprinkle the web with little chunky pieces of madness once again. the names as always will be changed to protect the guilty.the tales of woe have been vast and some of the characters of the first season might not be making a return appearance in season 2, but so goes life we are built to move on. so the questing was where have i been? with the worms as i like to say ive been hangin with the nite crawlers in the daytime, thats bad ass trust me. ive met some new peeps that i will be introducing to you and tellin all my tales of lust, love , and just plain ole madness its what i do and if you dont like it you can get a cup of coffee and put in 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla,,,, ps. if im not back in 15 mins ......

wait longer .......
posted by Jamino Brown
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