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Monday, April 29, 2013,10:26 AM
Welcome to Chic-Fil -A

Let me set the stage for you while the coffee is brewing , im in chic-fil-a well that's what I will now be referring to the Philippines as because this is like chic-fil-a he happiest place on earth, now le me continue with my story, im in chic-fil-a in the airport of purgatory ( hot as hell) for those of you who missed all the Sundays except Easter and Christmas) waiting for my luggage with the rest of the people. Meanwhile Cherub has gotten his luggage is happy as a fat kid in a krispy kreme and had trekked himself outside, now as you all know I change the names to protect the guilty so as I go along I will once again explain how names came to be. Yet again I digress, its the lack of sleep n e way im at that dam terminal 20 mins, 30 mins , 45 mins and ill be dammed if my luggage is not on this terminal , so I go to the attendant present my problem to him and he proceeds to direct me to the lost luggage counter. Now let me stop right here and back this up for you, I have just arrived in the country after being on the plane for the better part of 13 hrs so naturally im tired , im hot and to top it of I had been poked in the eye the day before and it cut my contact so im also ray Charles blind) Fast forward ive now spent the better part of 1.5 hours in an airport about my luggage in the dam heat ,so when I step outside my already bad day gets worse , so cupid and I had transportation to the hotel but being that I had been inside for an hour cupid spread his wings and just like love left me, aint that a b*&%$ now im tuck at he airport not knowing how to get to my location or even where to go, but don't fret coffee is a resourceful one and after 30 mins im in a cab on the way to my home for the next months. this was day one ...
so now im in my hotel   getting ready to enjoy my  first night , you already know that there's plenty more  to tell so come back  same bat time same bat channel  ill be in my room with my coffee  you know  how  I like  it .... 2 creamers  3 sugars and ill holla

posted by Jamino Brown
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