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Saturday, October 23, 2010,6:02 PM
google voice is sceening my calls
hellllllooooooo ladies and gents in the blog world its your girl coffees1stluv coming live and direct once again form the great state of MS.. well today was so funny to me nothing outrageous just yet another adventure in the life of me. i have two words for you : GOOGLE VOICE . so Google is my joint i have come to enjoy sending and receiving emails and then put your coffee cups down , Google showed out and created Google voice. HELLO ! let me explain my excitement my friends at Google have invented a computer phone number that is not only local for your area but it can ring to your home or cell so now you can give out your Google number and never have to give your real number . O HAPPY DAY , no longer will you have to look to the right nor the left of you to reject someone , now with a straight face rejection is instantaneous , and this is the kicker it will even screen the home phone calls where the caller has to say there name before they are connected : i love it : caller id : now thats so 2009 Google voice this is my Jan 1st its brand new, so goggle voice the kid ill be sitting here with a cup of coffee in my hand with 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla and Google will let me know if you holla back
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