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Tuesday, July 12, 2011,7:30 PM
getting old and need to rant
hola , hello to u all my virtual friends its coffeess1stluv comin to you live and direct from the great state of dixie ( cotton sold seperatly) let me dive right in while the coffeess still warm im sittin here at home when it occurs to me that i am 4 bon bons a cat away form being old lady coffee... not a good look , i heard something so stupid funny today someone told me old people skin sags because there are being dragged into the afterlife( hahahha) funny till i got to lookin around me at all my young friends , full of enery and life and all my married friends full of married people stuff and im like well dam im gettin on up there , dont get me wrong being single has had its fair share of perks , and that is for a different site this post is PG -13 . but im at the point where im thinkin whos gnna visit me in the home and i wonder of the sale @ itsfashionmetro is still going on .. blame it on the green tea i digress .. i dont know i was just here at he house and thought about gettting older , its like the book says it was the best of times it was the worst of times ... awww hell its the best of times let me get of this couch take a shower and go to ....... walmart , theres nothing to do here .. so tomorrow ima go to dirt cheap and knock stuff off the shelf for kicks... someone please have my bail momey ready .. till themn have a cup with me and make mine with 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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