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Monday, November 19, 2012,7:15 PM
bologna is a fruit
i know..... i know...... ive been gone longer than a Twinkies in a fat kids hands, but im here now and i have to once again catch you up on the misadventure that i refer to as my life. now lets get started i have recently returned to the states after traveling abroad, yes i said it the coffee is now an international ground bean and i must say that life abroad is good. well minus the lower pay and not being able to drink the water, but i digress. so i traveled to mexico for work let me start by saying that mexico is a lovely country full of beautiful people food and dirty water, the perks of which came in the form of becoming an overnite celebrity since coffees1stluv is a dark roast and they dont come that way in mexico i was treated like a queen of the proverbial nile. while there i zip lined , took pictures in sesame street ( yes they have an actual sesame street)and drank some of that dirty water. i learned a couple of things on my mission abroad 1. drinking the water wont backfire till u get home .. trust me a no go on that one 2. the taxi drivers are insane and 3. mexico is simply California on Spanish. now let me expound on this .. the taxi drivers are unlike anything ive ever experienced , now i heard tales of wild taxi rides , however when you've actually watched as ur taxi driver whom you've just flagged down almost causes a multi car pile up you begin to appreciate the simplicity that is driving. here's the situation i was hungry , that's how every story begins .. i was hungry and my coworker and i decide when in mexico we eat as the Mexicans do ,so naturally we went to chili's .. now the ride there was uneventful regular taxi ride driver made it there no problem , it was on the way back that all the excitement of twilight premier began. lets set the stage , two young Americans lets say they are a darker shade of brown are flagging down various taxi , no luck .. with frustration in there hearts they are about to give up when alas, a lone driver coming down the street stops for our ladies in wait , but halt who is this behind him , ooh that's only the 4 other cars behind him that were driving at the same speed of 65 in a 40, i know i know bite ur nails .. now the question becomes do our heroines get in to the cab or merely wave him off , the m man has just stopped in traffic barely escaping a multicar pile up all in the pursuit of a tip of 50 pesos. now let me explain to you that 50 pesos is no where near as much money as it sounds like its the equivalent of $5 u.s... but back to my story so our heroines full from authentic Mexican food from chili's decide what the hay lets wing it , whats a pile up between friends. being that between the two of us we wouldn't be able to teach a full episode of Dora the explorer it becomes more of a adventure when the taxi driver takes off and proceeds to almost hit another 5 cars in the attempt to get us back to our hotel which ironically is only 2 blocks away. so why is bologna a fruit .. im glad u asked .. the question is posed when ur in another country that you cant speak the language in and taxi driver asks you for directions on how to get back to your hotel.. what kinda sense does that make , that's like the mail man asking where someones house is .. hence the bologna is a fruit, what the ...... exactly.. i tell you people life is an adventure so you might as well sit in your chair grab your cup of coffee , hey out 2 creamers 3 sugars in mine and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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