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Thursday, May 2, 2013,10:04 AM
dirty ice cream and balut
when I'm alone in my room i hear my conscious call.. and you know what it says  ...  not that i need love  it says  fool  you will try anything and one dam  day ima back fire on you something serious, yea  its that time again so pull up you  cups  cuz the coffee is  warm and were serving  it up with 2 creamers 3 sugars  and you  know ill holla. well I'm still  kickin it in chic-fil-a  ( the Philippines)  in case you  don't know and  Ive had so many adventures i had to take  them to the masses, last week  i visited  tagatay  with  cupid and a  friend of his  great town  , beautiful land  , really GODS country s and as you know when in Rome you must do as the Romans do , so when the subject of  eating balut came up  i said  lets go for it , mind you for those not in the know balut is a pre formed baby chick .. google it . i had  been  ready for this  adventure  for while as if  this was my  calling to confirm that  i am  indeed an international   traveler. let me set the stage for you a nice  woman  is calling out to everyone balut , balut  so  of  course we walk up to her  now let me explain something to you its one thing when the mind is willing and its another when you are face to face with your  breakfast, if  i  never felt the plight of a vegetarian if felt it then  but like the 1998 no limit soldier that i am i trudged ahead , as the  sweet woman handed me an unsuspecting egg i was   calmed really  , hell it looked like a  chicken  egg and was  even warm  like a hard boiled egg , so she proceeds to explain that i have to open the egg from the  top since the bottom is  pre formed embryo of the duck ( yea i know )  so i  break the top of my shell they tell me   now drink the juice ...  WAIT  WHAT .. JUICE , i swear that i am no disciple and this sure aint the last supper, i  break this  egg and  indeed a  little  juice comes  on out  i  i purse my lips and i take a sip ..... pause  as i wait for my  mouth to reject  but no its OK  but I'm not done now i have to peel the egg all the way down this is where  it got tricky , as i peel the egg  it  looks like  an Easter egg gone horribly wrong  like a baby brain   but like everything a little  salt  some vinegar and  you can make magic. and i do  i  just go for it  i  .. eat the egg and ..... hell theres really no dramatic moment after that  it tasted  like a boiled egg  i didn't faint  or reject  it form my mouth and it didn't try to  eat me back  good times which leads me to  today adventure  dirty ice cream .. i cant make this up i swear .. so today on break i had  dirty ice cream  its called that  for the  vendors that sell it they ..well your not buying this stuff form  Mr good bar in his pressed white shirt , so the kicker of the night was the dirty ice cream sandwich .. picture this  a  sweet hamburger bun with ice cream piled in it  and my flavor of ice cream .... mango and egg ( didn't taste like an egg) so now i sit I'm my hotel room and  for some odd reason my stomach is .......... gotta go   dam  dirty ice cream  no coffee tonite loves just  2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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