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Thursday, May 2, 2013,11:05 AM
day 2 survivor manila
I'm in my own personal episode of survivor   except instead of being on a deserted island I'm in he Philippines with  no luggage and a shirt that reds i love Monterrey ,MX   ain't this  bout a  terd . now  it was  day 2  in my  journey halfway across the  world and  I'm  on a dam show  in my mind , when i tell you  that you cant make this ish up i lire to you not . never ever again will i  sit in the comfort of my  home  laughing at hate  poor fools on survivor  as i  now  know what it is like to live in your own clothes for 3 days ,  hey  hey now stop that  , the snickering that your doing   , that was a  hard task and even though my jungle is a  4 star hotel with  Continental breakfast and  hot water i am  suffering to survive. i feel like old pizza  not certain if you can  still get some use out of It  or will it turn on you . the staff even take turns looking at me , you know the look like   how in the h @# did she get in here and dam i hope she doesnt steal the towels. its day  2 people  in my own personal survivor i swear to cheese and crackers if my luggae is not here  in another day ..... delta airlines gnna get the business .... grab your coffee cups its gnna be along  day ... ill be back  with 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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