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Monday, May 27, 2013,9:05 AM
its so hot i brought an umbrella
hello my starbucks ,cafe latte , cappuccino frappucino lovers it is i the  main coffee bean serving up  dark roasted tales of life , so ive been down the last couple of days ive been a little under the weather which is  odd  because its so hot here the best  souvenir i have gotten has been my rhianna aka my umbrella.. aye ..aye ..aye ...aye ..  now she  did  say when the sun shines well shine together  but dam  if chic - fil - a   is the  happiest hottest place  n you know next to   death valley and the   deserts in Africa  this place is  mad  angry hot !now if you have  never been mad angry hot let me explain , now coffees1stluv im a dark roast so  it  doesn't take much to   get that  rich  bold color your looking for and when you walk out into heat that  is muggy with a dash  of hot  with  a side o  are you serious its this  hot outside you become  mad angry hot . the funny ting is  the best seller here for the heat after  the air  conditioning  units .. the rhianna aka the  if you ever find yourself in chic -fil- a and you want to being something back that  shows how you spent your time  , bring them a rhianna  and they will thank you somewhere  down the line when it rains and again when that stupid mad heat hits them. meanwhile we will just be in the air sipping on  our coffee  you  know how we do 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla  

posted by Jamino Brown
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