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Wednesday, May 22, 2013,9:00 AM
3rd world my mall
greetings my fellow coffee  cups  its that time again the sun has come up and Starbucks is open , so  im still here  in chic-fil-a ( Philippines) enjoying my time the weather , food ,people .. they tell me its a 3 rd world country  .. well to this i say  3rd world my mall ... that's right i said  3rd world my mall . .. picture this  your ion your hotel room  bored .. what is one to do ? well if your  here in chic-fil-a  you go to the mall , the mall that is  right across the  street from your hotel , mind you this is the small mall .. only  5 stories and a  small food court,  now  if that  is you  oooh ok  well then there's the mall  1 mike form the hotel  a little bigger again  5 stories ,food court , ooh and did  i mention that each has there own movie theater that  seats 500 . ok . well if that still is not impressing you then  1.5 miles is the SM Mega mall, this mall is ..well stupid huge  its  at least  1 mile wide 5 stories  3  movies theaters,  arcade center , and a bowling alley  ....  wait  ... all in the mall .. now if for some reason your an unbeliever you say  to yourself , nay coffee  this is not so  , that a mall would have such things to entertain me as a  arcade. food court 3 movie theaters  and a bowling alley .. i say nay to you good  patron for the mega mall  holds all these treasures  but wait  there's more , there is  ..... the ..... Cue in the dramatic star wars type  music ..THE MALL OF ASIAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....  yea. this mall is the stupid big mall so in this mall  you cna take all the   previous malls place them inside and  still have room for the imax, the food court and the ice skating rink.. laugh  do it ,thats right  right here in pit stop of  hells little finger ( i mean its so dam hot that the rain form time to  time  just gives up)  as i sit back and  enjoy my  coffee and   gourmet meal i cant help  but  reminence  of my mall at home , the   cookie stand , burkes outlet, books a million and ..... dam that mall so sucks lil bittie birdy feet , i mean how in the   h&^ am  i  to  go from buying america in  the east to  buying bath and body works as a good day ... yeeeeah right 3  world my mall ...  excuse me  Barista can you make me another espresso and this  time  give me 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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