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Tuesday, May 14, 2013,10:49 AM
a lady in red me and a cab driver
this one kinda starts as a joke so a woman gets in a car tells the cabbie  take me to work , ok  nevermind so that doesnt start like a joke, well at least not a  funny one . but let me start my story the  place chic- fil-a (Philippines) time  this afternoon it was balmy day the   sun had decided it had enough and  let the rain join us, now i cant say for certain f it was the rain, the   intro of the drums of the sweet sweet voice of mr chris de baugh  but when lady in red came on  we came together , ebony and  caramel  in one accord singing the timeless classic lady in red . as traffic pushed past us at the rate of a snail  racing a sloth we were as two  karaoke souls me and my cabbie  , dam  moment had me wanting to  get out in my red flowing dress and dance as the  cars part like the red sea  for  me in  my   made for the 80's  tribute video .. can you fell it  , can you feel the power of the lady in red  because dammit its real. as we parted ways it was as if the song was meant  for us the  last part the fade out  whisper of i love you that  cabbie and i    said to  the air it was .. i cant speak of what it was , it was one of the oddest things i have ever done  yet it seemed ooooh so  right,  afterward  i was so  overcome  with my very own  glee moment that i went to starbucks.. i cant make this up  it just too weird , aahhhh yes ill have a  venti  mocha latte 2 creamers 3  sugars oooh  ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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