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Thursday, May 16, 2013,9:45 AM
the transporter, puff the magic dragon and sleepy

everyday is a new day and  that  comes with an  equally new adventure , now  for the  last  3 days  ive had  different drivers  and with this has  been some crazy ish that has  been going down , lets go back  shall way back  backstreet .. back in time .. oooh baby ooh baby oooh baa- baby ... sorry i got sidetracked .  day 1 :  regular day  got up ,  got dressed , brushed teeth  all the simple things that go into getting ready for work ,   even got in the  car with the driver  , this was fun he was the transporter all slim and tall  just like  Jason Statham, pressed suit, buzz cut  hell all  he needed was the  the  Nissan to become an  Audi and  i wouldve created  all sorts of danger for us to get out of ,  i guess it was meant to be then that his driving would mimic that  of the transporter  but with one twist, THERE WAS NO  DANGER  , well that is if you dont count the danger he put us  in , let me explain traffic here, stop signs : not to many so its  kinda a  wild west for driving , intersections   dont have lights so  you cross when you can.. enter my transporter..  at the intersection he  grazes one  car  not  one to   be deterred in the least  he  almost has another car hit  him drivers side , now this   , this is the transporter  so hes cool under pressure  never mind the  fact that he should've  waited for the cars  to pass as they were halfway across the street , nay  little driver , transporter in all his  car coolness simply turns gives the driver a look that says I AM THAT CRAZY  and  continues on across the street ,  5 mins  later he sideswipes a  motorcycle and then gets so close to another car that  i   place my  hand on it , yea I AM THAT  CRAZY  ALSO  and so  goes day 1 with my transporter , now that  night was  a slow  ride down the Mary Paul and Peter train  im riding along in the backseat listing to the  radio when what should come on  .... no not a  great timeless classic from the  80's ... a  timeless classic this time , a little diddy  we call PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON !  as sung in easy listening rendition that was   classic ,  aside from the fact that i am now hearing  puff the magic dragon on the radio as a  song  i am  n ow   hearing as my driver is  trying to  sing along all be it  quietly like hes  entranced by the melodic  tune  , i cant do anything now  but  chuckle and  sing along  a sin and a shame thats  day 2 .. same bat time same  bat channel  its day 3 and today  my driver well he was tired , by tired  i dont  mean  man i  just got to work im  kinda tired , i mean if they let me i will fall asleep anywhere kinda tired,  and you know how i know   well  because as soon ans the traffic jam happened he   simply pulled up his parking break looked to the left then the  right rolled his eyes back in his  head  and went to sleep.. a hard down  mouth open   OMG  i am  sooooo sleepy sleep. now im in the backseat witnessing this like this is some slow moving crime that i will have to report ti later but was  just dont know how, and this continues 3 more times as traffic is  heavy  i tell you im not certain  how sleepy did it  but  he managed to get me to work in one piece now after something like that i had to grab him so   coffee  you know how he got it 2 creamers 3 sugars and i hollered

posted by Jamino Brown
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