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Thursday, May 30, 2013,9:13 AM
its official ... ima glee cast member
it always starts so innocently ..turn around ..every now and then i  get a little bit lonely  and your never commin round , turn around ... it was as if  i was on my own personal odyssey and the sirens were calling to me,  dam that English class came in handy  who says you will never use this stuff again ,  turn arrrrround i get a  little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears ,  and here i am  the epic hero tied to my chair as the siren sings her song that has driven many a sailor  crazy ....  dramatic pause  as  the music swells  , turrrrrrrn arooooound bright eyes..... and finally i can take it no more i jump  form  my  restraints ( my chair)  with my  eyes   alfush ( thats  really  dramatic) and  bust out a line  worthy of the american idol voice ox factor blah blah blah ...   but  ooooh if it had only ended there  , but of course that would be too much like right something in my soul wouldn't be contained and i feel my hands  moving not  in a church  im so happy sway no ... i am   now exiting my own  body to see myself doing my  best backstreet boy dance .. i mean   hands  movements on point IM DAVID RUFFIN  type bad .. so  yes i admit it  i am now a glee cast member .. like the hangover said  the philippines has me now and once they have me they wont let me leave without singing .. well thats not what they said  but u get my point .. when in doubt sing it out  twitches ..... so now im in my room cranking all the hits , lady in red , any celine dion medley , sade,  and of course any recent  glee cover .. i have my cup so im good all i need is 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla  but if you come over in the next 10 mins ill sing ...  tweet that
posted by Jamino Brown
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