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Thursday, June 6, 2013,9:34 AM
team gravy
well my time is  winding down here in chic -fil -a but i  happened to  stop in my mind on a throwback , team gravy ! let me tell you how this came to  be.  when i  arrived in chic-fil-a i was  on my  mary tyler moore   you know all  bright eyed throwing my sunglasses in the sky ( breaking them in the process)  well now that  i think back on that, it was just plain stupid  but  i digress.. the only thing chic-fil-a does better than bacon is  chicken !  i mean they  loooooooove  chicken here which was why early on  in my quest for the chicken breast my mind  kept  coming back to  one commercial, KFC 99 pesos  mil lan  with gravy .. let me set the stage for you here  now the commercial comes on  you see the chicken all golden  brown  , chalk full of the colonels spices  a happy family then you see it .. a  chicken  leg  being dosed in .... gravy .. thick  beautiful gravy. i sit up mesmerized  see ive been to kfc in the states and we have gravy .. on the mashed potatoes , here they have a gravy station in which patrons  can  go over and  have the sweet sweet nectar of  gravy .. i watched the commercial so  much i felt kinda  dirty it was like a  weird food porn  but it had me wanting to go to kfc  get my chicken my rice and of course my gravy sit in a corner and poor it on sooooo slowly. and i did it dammit i got my chicken , my rice  and my gravy  sat in the corner and  poured  , i poured  that thick gravy till my  little chicken wing fell apart . thats  right  my name is coffees1stluv and i am  team gravy baby ! and there you have it  as  i have now  been  gravy free for 3 days i wanted to share with you .. but i swear to you anytime i walk past kfc and see the gravy  pump i get a tingle, so now im at starbucks stalking my prey , ooh waitress can i get a refill  .. yeah i  need a cup of coffee 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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