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Tuesday, June 4, 2013,9:39 AM
meat is murder .. tasty ..tasty murder
so  if all dogs go to heaven , then all steaks reside in the in the  Midwest , chicken is distributed throughout the world , and pigs .. well they are right here in chic-fil-a . i tell you  this is  the truth  because as  i am typing right now i am  eating a  bacon, ham, pork chop sandwich. ( can someone  get me  the blood pressure medicine) no wait  i don't need it  b/c the  pigs here in chic -fil-a are  heaven  made with no   adverse side effects , i don't know if its the  hot weather , the fact that the dishes are cooked in  sugar and spice and everything nice .. but that meaty little Wilbur just makes me happy ... so as the  sun is  beginning to set on my time  here in chic -fil-a I'm left to ponder .. how the  hell can  i sneak over  5 pounds of bacon back to the states without this  not looking odd ... i know ill sing a little song to customs ... well until then its me and the  pork riding and dying one  baconater at a time .. hey   excuse me can i get a cup of coffee .. 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla ......  

posted by Jamino Brown
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