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Sunday, June 2, 2013,9:07 AM
just when i thoguht my day would be boring
well folks  im getting to the bottom of my cup and the  coffee is  getting ready to leave chic- fil-a  , in the meantime i was  out and about today thinking to myself today may just be a  boring day , no new adventures or crazy tales.. but what  kinda  fun would that be .. so  today i went and say the hangover III  .. good times , major  difference in the culture however it was me ( coffee) cherub and keys ( she gets this name b/c  everyone states that she looks like  alicia keys)  now if im being fair in a  far away dim light  when your standing on top of a hill overlooking a view  of alaska with  one contact ripped then .. no she still wouldnt look like alicia keys , not because she not pretty he is   , but alicia keys is  what we call in the coffee world  blonde mocha , where as she is a  hazel cream ..  i digress n e way we are  in the  theatre once again enjoying the tales of the wolfpack when a  funny part comes  .. hahahahhahha  the laughter form the 3 of us , the rest of the  theater ...... ( pause)  yep  crickets nothing no  smirk no chuckle .. nothing so here we were  loud americans laughing at a funny movie  felt  kinda weird on that one . now the highlight of the day the  cinnamon role ..  walking into the   megamall supermarket to have some  money exchanged over , when i hear singing .. not an odd event at all  mind you this is glee .. its what you do.. so what was the exciting part you ask .. well aside from the fact that we are in a supermarket  a mere 30 feet  from the electronics  i hear the melodic sounds of nicki manij super bass ..  but  as i turn i c ant see any one , naturally i walk over  to hear who is  singing this  classic tale of  super bass when i see  a  midget ( a little person )  and i  mean she was getting it in .. now this is one i for the boys with the boomin system top down  AC with the coolin system .... and it wasnt even that she was a little person although that  added to the excitement ( i have to  admit the people here are not  the tallest so the  presence of someone shorter than the  already short  puts a smile on my face ) the part that  got me  was that  we are in the middle of a packed  supermartket in the   middle of the day and  she has found time to  make the store her own personal karaoke system .. man thats  cool !  had me  walkin out he mall singing  nicki manji as  she broke into another classic ... like a virgin , well from there i went to  starbucks  grabbed my  coffee 2 creamers  3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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