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Tuesday, July 9, 2013,7:29 AM
jeep grand Cherokee killer
ive been watching in session and investigation discovery so much  that i can get a case for them, i wasn't home  a couple days when it happened. Let me set the  stage , dim the lights grab your coffee and your scones because this is  some crazy ish. Picture it, Ryan's a buffet of   happy food ,honey butter and bread and sweet tea, my friends had taken me out for a welcome home dinner  we have eaten , drank , stuck a  few rolls and honey butter  in the purse for later and now were leaving. Then it happens .. i swear as i tell it  i hear the voice of Chris Hanson giving the commentary, it was a sleepy southern town, a  bright sunny day , who would've known that the jeep grand Cherokee killer was  loose.... yep .. intense it was just a walk back to the car this is how it started , a few friends walking back to their respective cars when a  man lets  say no more than  5'6 , brown hair , nice  smile  comes out of nowhere with a question .. Have you guys heard about the serial killer in the area.... now granted i hadn't  been home for  2 mnths  but my friends have been here all along mind you one works in the police department .. so the  look of confusion on all our faces  he proceeds , yea hes been killing little kids in the area ... wow , now that's  huge  OMG  kinda info so naturally were all like    who when where , we've never heard .... then it happens ... he  grins, looks at us  as hes now at his car a  mint green 1989 jeep grand Cherokee  with Montana tags and says  .. ooh i was just playing its a conversation starter ... WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST ............. at this point im so glad that im in such shock that i have walked to the wrong car.. and as quickly as  our killer  appeared he gets in his killer mobile and drives off . i tell you once ill  tell you again you cant make this ish up , and if that wasn't creepy enough that  very night ... we had a  road block going  home .... eeewwwww  i tell you  guys beware of stranger danger stick to your  dunkin doughnuts and coffee  make sure to get 2  creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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