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Tuesday, July 29, 2014,6:39 PM
Last egg in the carton... My baby gonna be a button

I’ve had to come to my sanctuary Starbucks sip on an overpriced mocha something that I can’t make on my own and tell you about my situation. Here’s the thing I was making breakfast for myself some mini pancakes bacon reached in for a beautiful egg and   what did I find but the last egg in the carton. Normally this would have not  bothered me I would simply go a about the business of  popping that ole egg  out, but this day it  hit a nerve  see coffees1st luv is an old school coffee pot , you know the one that you’ve had  for  10 years the buttons are worn off but  dammit it works. I  digress so this egg had me  thinking about babies  since they really don’t come from a cabbage patch I  got to thinking .. Coffee omg what is were getting down to the last egg in your carton, the final scoop, the last filter bag. You know it’s a fact that old men make old babies, but what about this last egg in my carton. Suppose I wait too long and I am blessed with this bundle of joy only to look down at this ben button looking baby, I mean if an old throwback sperm makes a baby that looks like they will never have teeth then my last egg will make a baby that’s just doomed to scream at 6 GET OFF MY GRASS.. These are the random thoughts that I have as I stand in front of the fridge and the reason that for the last week I’ve stayed away for the incredible edible egg. Check your carton ladies and beware of the last egg, it may be your old baby... # team no old faced babies # stay off my grass... Excuse me barista can you whip me up a good ole cup of young coffee in a kuerig and add 2 creamers 3 sugars and ill holla
posted by Jamino Brown
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